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Gossypium herbaceum(GOSHE)

Last modification: 2002-02-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: GOSHE
  • Preferred name: Gossypium herbaceum
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Dry zones of subsaharan Africa. The wild species is the parent of cultivated races developed over many centuries in Africa, Near East, Caucasus, Central Asia, Iran, India, China. In Europe, it is cultivated in Spain and (formerly?) Portugal

Common names
Name Language
cotoner Catalan
Topfbaumwolle German
Asiatic cotton English
Levant cotton English
short-staple cotton English
algodón Spanish
algodonero Spanish
liñabera Basque
coton à courte soie French
pamuk  Croatian
cotone asiatico Italian
Aziatische katoen Dutch
algodoeiro Portuguese
algodoeiro-asiático Portuguese
algodoeiro-do-levante Portuguese
хлопчатник африкано-азиатский Russian
хлопчатник травянистый Russian
indisk bomull Swedish
pamuk Turkish
cǎo mián Chinese
草棉 Chinese