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Gossypium barbadense(GOSBA)

Code created in: 2002-02-11

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: GOSBA
  • Preferred name: Gossypium barbadense
  • Authority: Linnaeus


South America (Colombia to Peru). One of the forms of cultivated cotton, distinguished as "extra-long staple". Introduced in cotton-growing countries generally

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Gossypium acuminatum Roxburgh
Gossypium arboreum var. nadam (Watt) Prokhanov

Common names
Name Language
Caribbean cotton English
Egyptian cotton English
long-staple cotton English
pima cotton English
Sea Island cotton English
westindische Baumwolle German
coton à longue soie French
cotonnier French
cotonnier créole French
algodón de las Indias Occidentales Spanish
algodón del pais Spanish
algodonero de las Barbados Spanish
algodoeiro-americano Portuguese
algodoeiro-crioulo Portuguese
algodoeiro-de-pima Portuguese
algodoeiro-do-egipto Portuguese
algodoeiro-do-peru Portuguese
algodoeiro-egípcio Portuguese
akaltın Turkish