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Gomphrena globosa(GOMGL)

Code created in: 2002-02-15

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: GOMGL
  • Preferred name: Gomphrena globosa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Mexico, Central America, South America (northern to Bolivia and Brazil). Widely cultivated as an ornamental. Introduced in Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Western Asia (Pakistan), Himalayas, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indochina, Malesia, China, Japan, Korea, Sénégal, Guinée, Nigeria, Tchad, Cameroon to Zaïre and Somalia, Angola to Mozambique, USA (southern and eastern), Caribbean, New Guinea, Australia (Western, Northern, Queensland, New South Wales)

Common names
Name Language
bachelor's button English
Christ's cloak English
common globe amaranth English (US)
globe amaranth English
St Francis' cord English
gemeiner Kugelamarant German
Kugelamarant German
amarantine French
amarantine globuleuse French
gomphréna à tête globuleuse French
immortelle French
immortelle violette French
margrit French
amarantina Spanish
amaranto globoso Spanish
amaranto redondo Spanish
amor seco Spanish (HN)
immortale Spanish (CO)
perpetua Spanish
siempre viva Spanish
amarantino perpetuino Italian
falso trifoglio Italian
gonfrena Italian
kogelamarant Dutch
amaranto-globoso Portuguese
gonfrena Portuguese
perpétua Portuguese
perpétuas-roxas Portuguese
klotamarant Swedish
sennichi-kô Japanese
sennichi-sô Japanese
センニチコウ Japanese
センニチソウ Japanese
гомфрена Russian
гомфрена головчатая Russian
kugleamarant Danish
kuleamarant Norwegian
pallohäntä Finnish
qiān rì hóng Chinese
千日红 Chinese
천일홍 Korean
cheon il hong Korean
гомфрена головчаста Ukrainian