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Gibberella baccata(GIBBBA)

Last modification: 2004-04-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: GIBBBA
  • Preferred name: Gibberella baccata
  • Authority: (Wallroth) Saccardo

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Fusarium lateritium Nees
Gibberella lateritium (Nees) Snyder & Hansen
Gibberella moricola (de Notaris) Saccardo
Gibberella pulicaris subsp. baccata (Wallroth) Saccardo
Sphaeria baccata Wallroth

Common names
Name Language
biocontrol of velvetleaf English
collar rot of coffee English
dieback of pine English
root rot of cereals English
tuber rot of yam English
vascular wilt of chickpea English
Knollenfäule: Yam German
chancre du mimosa French
dessèchement des rameaux de l'érable French
fusariose du cognassier French
fusariose vasculaire du pois chiche French
pourriture de l'igname French
fusariosis del membrillo Spanish
fusariosis vascular del garbanzo Spanish
podredumbre del name Spanish