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Genista florida(GENFL)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: GENFL
  • Preferred name: Genista florida
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Portugal, Spain, western Pyrenees in France, Morocco. Cultivated as an ornamental. Plants from Portugal, northern Spain and France have been referred to subspp. leptoclada and polygaliphylla, but this is not generally accepted

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Genista florida subsp. leptoclada (Spach) Coutinho
Genista florida subsp. polygaliphylla (Brotero) Coutinho

Common names
Name Language
blütenreicher Ginster German
genêt très fleuri French
chinestra Spanish
escobón Spanish
flor de tintoreros Spanish
genista Spanish
piorno Spanish
retama Spanish
retama blanca Spanish
xiniesta Spanish
giesta-piorneira Portuguese
piorno-dos-tintureiros Portuguese
дрок флорида Russian
дрок флоридский Russian
ginesta blanca Catalan
xesta branca Galician