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Gelsemium sempervirens(GELSE)

Code created in: 2002-04-09

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: GELSE
  • Preferred name: Gelsemium sempervirens
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) St-Hilaire


Southern and eastern USA, Mexico, Central America. Cultivated as an ornamental

State flower of South Carolina (USA)

Common names
Name Language
Carolina jessamine English
evening trumpet flower English
false jasmine English
yellow jessamine English
gelbe Jasminwurzel German
gelsémie luisante French
jasmin de Caroline French
jasmin jaune French
gelsemio de Carolina Spanish
jazmín de Carolina Spanish
gelsomino giallo Italian
gele jasmijn Dutch
gelsémio Portuguese
jasmineiro-da-califórnia Portuguese
jasmineiro-selvagem Portuguese
カロライナジャスミン Japanese
シャムノマイヒメ Japanese
гельземий вечнозелёный Russian