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Gaeumannomyces graminis(GAEUGR)

Code created in: 2001-02-21

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Gaeumannomyces graminis
  • Authority: (Saccardo) von Arx & Olivier

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis
Linocarpon cariceti
Linocarpon graminis
Linocarpon oryzinum
Ophiobolus graminis Saccardo
Ophiobolus graminis var. graminis
Ophiobolus oryzinus Saccardo

Common names
Name Language
crown sheath rot of rice English
ophiobolus patch English
patch disease of turf English
take-all of cereals English
whiteheads of grasses English
Schwarzbeinigkeit: Getreide German
Schwarzbeinigkeit: Gramineen German
Weißährigkeit: Gramineen German
piétin des céréales French
piétin-échaudage des céréales French
piétin-échaudage des graminées French
mal de pie de los cereales Spanish
javaklupė Lithuanian