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Ficus religiosa(FIURE)

Last modification: 2001-10-21

Basic information
  • EPPO code: FIURE
  • Preferred name: Ficus religiosa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


India to southeast Asia. Cultivated as an ornamental, and sacred, tree 

Common names
Name Language
bo English
bodhi tree English
peepul English
sacred fig English
Bobaum German
heiliger Feigenbaum German
Pepulfeigenbaum German
arbre bo French
figuier des pagodes French
ficus de las pagodas Spanish
higuera de agua Spanish
fico del diavolo Italian
インドボダイジュ Japanese
テンジクボダイジュ Japanese
indobodaiju Japanese
tenjikubodaiju Japanese
pú tí shù Chinese
菩提树 Chinese