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Festuca laevigata(FESLA)

Code created in: 2015-09-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: FESLA
  • Preferred name: Festuca laevigata
  • Authority: Gaudin


Alps, with subsp. cagiriensis in the Pyrenees

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Festuca cagiriensis Timbal-Lagrave
Festuca curvula Gaudin
Festuca laevigata subsp. crassifolia (Gaudin) Kerguélen & Plonka
Festuca ovina subsp. curvula (Gaudin) Bolòs & Vigo

Common names
Name Language
dickblättriger Schwingel German
dickblättriger Schwingell German
glatter Schwingel German
krummer Schafschwingel German
Krummschwingel German
fétuque à feuilles épaisses French
fétuque lisse French
festuca a foglie spesse Italian
festuca incurvata Italian
festuca levigata Italian
овсяница гладкая Russian