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Eucalyptus deglupta(EUCDG)

Code created in: 2017-08-10

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: EUCDG
  • Preferred name: Eucalyptus deglupta
  • Authority: von Blume


Malesia, New Guinea. Distinctive as a Eucalyptus which is not native to Australia. Grown in plantations as a pulp and timber tree

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Eucalyptus naudiniana von Müller
Eucalyptus sarassa Blume
Eucalyptus schlechteri Diels
Eucalyptus versicolor Blume

Common names
Name Language
kamarere English
kamarere English
kamarere English
Mindanao gum English
rainbow eucalyptus English
rainbow gum English
eucalyptus arc-en-ciel French
bagras Spanish