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Euterpe edulis(ETQED)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: ETQED
  • Preferred name: Euterpe edulis
  • Authority: von Martius


Brazil to Argentina. Cultivated for its edible buds (hearts of palm), for its fruits, and for a beverage made from the fruits (assai) widely consumed in Brazil.

Common names
Name Language
Assaipalme German
Juçarapalme German
Kohlpalme German
assai palm English
heart of palm English
juçara palm English
para palm English
ensarova Spanish
jussara Spanish
palma assai Spanish
palmitero Spanish
palmito dulce Spanish
coeur de palmier French
palmier açaï French
açaí do sul Portuguese
ensarova Portuguese
içara Portuguese
inçara Portuguese
iuçara Portuguese
jiçara Portuguese
juçara Portuguese
palmiteira Portuguese
palmiteiro-doce Portuguese
palmito Portuguese
жусара Russian
assaipalm Swedish