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Erysimum ruscinonense(ERYNC)

Code created in: 2014-10-31

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ERYNC
  • Preferred name: Erysimum ruscinonense
  • Authority: Jordan


Maritime Alps of France and Italy, eastern Pyrenees in France and Spain

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Erysimum australe Gay
Erysimum bocconei (Allioni) Persoon
Erysimum collisparsum Jordan
Erysimum longifolium de Candolle
Erysimum nevadense subsp. collisparsum (Jordan) Ball

Common names
Name Language
Provence-Schöterich German
érysimum à grandes fleurs French
érysimum provençal French
vélar à grandes fleurs French
vélar de Provence French
vélar du Roussillon French
vélar violier French
violaciocca provenzale Italian