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Dickeya dianthicola(ERWICD)

Code created in: 2002-11-09

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Dickeya dianthicola
  • Authority: Samson, Legendre, Christen, Fischer-Le Saux, Achouak & Gardan

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Erwinia chrysanthemi pv. dianthicola (Hellmers) Dickey
Pectobacterium chrysanthemi biovars 1, 7, 9
Pectobacterium parthenii var. dianthicola Hellmers

Common names
Name Language
bacterial stunt of carnation English
bacterial wilt of carnation English
bacterial wilt of dahlia English
blackleg of potato English
slow wilt of carnation English
Bakterienwelke: Dahlie German
Bakterienwelke: Nelke German
pourriture molle de l'oeillet French
marchitamento bacteriano del clavel Spanish
podredumbre blanda del clavel Spanish