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Eruca vesicaria(ERUVV)

Code created in: 2004-04-08

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ERUVV
  • Preferred name: Eruca vesicaria
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Cavanilles


Mediterranean region, Sahel. Since antiquity, E. vesicaria has been taken into cultivation (as "subsp. sativa"), to the point that it is now difficult to distinguish wild plants from the naturalized descendants of cultivated ones, and to establish what its original geographical distribution may have been.  Common names can be used more or less interchangeably for the wild and cultivated plants

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Eruca pinnatifida (Desfontaines) Pomel
Eruca vesicaria subsp. vesicaria (Linnaeus) Cavanilles

Common names
Name Language
common rocket English
rocket English
Senfrauke German
roquette French
roquette vésicaire French
eruca Spanish
oruga Spanish
roqueta Spanish
ruca Spanish
rucola Italian
гусеничник посевной Russian
индау посевной Russian
руккола Russian
эрука посевная Russian
roka Turkish
beharki Basque
ерука Bulgarian
eruga Catalan
ruca Catalan
ruca pudent Catalan
ruqueta Catalan
sjetvena riga Croatian
ερούκα εδώδιμος Greek
aurrique Occitan
roqueta Occitan
rouguéte Occitan
ерука посівна Ukrainian