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Epitrimerus vitis(EPITVI)

Code created in: 2002-11-13

This code has been deactivated and replaced by PHYCVI

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Epitrimerus vitis
  • Authority: (Nalepa)


Synonym of Calepitrimerus vitis

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Calepitrimerus vitis (Nalepa)
Phyllocoptes vitis Nalepa

Common names
Name Language
grapevine leaf rust mite English
grapevine rust mite English
Acarinose der Rebe German
Kräuselkrankheit der Rebe German
Kräuselmilbe an Weinrebe German
Weinblattkräuselmilbe German
acarien de la vigne French
acariose de la vigne French
courtnoué French
trimère de la vigne French
acarosis de la vid Spanish
arador de la vid Spanish
acariosi della vite Italian
acaro della vite Italian
arreciamento Italian
eriofídeo-da-videira Portuguese (BR)
budo-sabidani Japanese
ブドサビダニ Japanese
клещ виноградный листовой Russian