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Ephedra distachya subsp. helvetica(EPEDH)

Code created in: 2003-05-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: EPEDH
  • Preferred name: Ephedra distachya subsp. helvetica
  • Authority: (von Meyer) Ascherson & Gräbner


French Alps to Switzerland, Italy and Balkans

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ephedra helvetica von Meyer

Common names
Name Language
joint pine English
Swiss ephedra English
schweizerisches Meerträubchen German
schweizer Meerträubchen German
schweizer Meerträubel German
éphèdre de Suisse French
uvette French
efedra elvetica Italian
efedra svizzera Italian
хвойник гельветский Russian