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Elsinoë ampelina(ELSIAM)

Code created in: 2001-02-26

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Elsinoë ampelina
  • Authority: Shear

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Elsinoe ampelina Shear
Gloeosporium ampelophagum (Passerini) Saccardo
Ramularia ampelophaga Passerini
Sphaceloma ampelinum de Bary

Common names
Name Language
anthracnose of grapevine English
bird's eye disease of grapevine English
black spot of grapevine English
Fleckenanthraknose: Weinrebe German
Grind: Weinrebe German
Schorf: Wein German
schwarzer Brenner: Weinrebe German
anthracnose de la vigne French
anthracnose maculée de la vigne French
charbon de la vigne French
antracnosis de la vid Spanish