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Ehrharta erecta(EHRER)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: EHRER
  • Preferred name: Ehrharta erecta
  • Authority: Lamarck


Southern and eastern Africa, Western Asia. Introduced into various countries around the world

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ehrharata panicea Smith
Ehrharta abyssinica Hochstetter
Ehrharta erecta var. abyssinica (Hochstetter) Pilger
Ehrharta paniciformis Nees
Trochera panicea (Smith) Kuntze
Trochera paniciformis (Trinius) Kuntze

Common names
Name Language
erect veldtgrass English
panic veldtgrass English (AU)