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Echinochloa esculenta(ECHUT)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ECHUT
  • Preferred name: Echinochloa esculenta
  • Authority: (Braun) Scholz


Japan. E. esculenta is a grain crop plant derived from E. crus-galli in Japan. It is distinct from the more widely distributed E. frumentacea (q.v.), which occurs in the wild and as cultivated forms. There have been conflicting opinions about the nomenclature of these cultivated Echinochloas, for example in the names used in the former USSR

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Echinochloa utilis Ohwi & Yabuno

Common names
Name Language
Japanese barnyard millet English
Japanese millet English
shirohie millet English
eßbare Hühnerhirse German
Japan-Hühnerhirse German
japanische Hirsche German
japanische Hühnerhirse German
millet du Japon French
mijo japonés Spanish
milho-do-Japão Portuguese
japansk hönshirs Swedish
hie Japanese
ヒエ Japanese
ежовник культивируемый Russian
японское просо Russian
chwastnica jadalna Polish
japán köles Hungarian
zi sui bai Chinese
紫穗稗 Chinese
ježatka japonská Czech