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Ebenus cretica(EBECR)

Code created in: 2014-01-04

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: EBECR
  • Preferred name: Ebenus cretica
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Crete (endemic). Cultivated as an ornamental. Though the Latin and common names of this plant appear ro relate to the valuable black wood known as "ebony", this is accidental. The genus Ebenus is, paradoxically, not in the Ebenaceae, its name derives from Arabic and not Latin, and ebony derives from species of the ebenaceous genus Diospyros

Common names
Name Language
Cretan ebony English
shrubby sainfoin English
kretischer Ebenholzstrauch German
ébène de Crète French
Kretenzer wolbloempje Dutch
критский эбен Russian
эбен критский Russian
έβενος κρητικός Greek