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Dryocosmus kuriphilus(DRYCKU)

Distribution details in Switzerland

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2018: Present, widespread
First recorded in: 2009
Pest status declared by NPPO: Transient, actionable under eradication (2011-08).
From CABI Pest map 677 (2015): Present, few occurrences
EPPO Reporting Service (2009/107) : first found in 2009 in Ticino, only the southern part (Sottoceneri area), under official control.

EPPO Reporting Service (2011/175) : found in a nursery in Aargau canton on imported plant material, under eradication.

According to Arebi et al. (2011), in autumn 2009, D. kuriphilus was discovered on old chestnut trees in Castasegna (Bregaglia valley) in the Canton Grisons.

According to OFEV (2016): widespread in Ticino. Also present in Vaud and Valais. Some infestations have been found in areas north of the Alps.
* Arebi A, Schoenenberger N, Bigler F (2011) Evaluating the use of Torymus sinensis against the chestnut gall wasp Dryocosmus kuriphilus in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland. Agroscope CH, 71 pp.

* Forster B, Castellazzi T, Colombi L, Furst E, Marazzi C, Meier F, Tettamanti G, Moretti G (2009) First record of the chestnut gall wasp Dryocosmus kuriphilus (Yasumatsu) (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae) in Southern Switzerland. Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 82(3/4), 271-279.

* Gehring E, Bellosi B, Quacchia A, Conedera M (2018) Assessing the impact of Dryocosmus kuriphilus on the chestnut tree: Branch architecture matters. Journal of Pest Science 91, 189-202.

Office fédéral de l'environnement OVEV. Cynips du châtaignier. Dryocosmus kuriphilus. http://www.bafu.admin.ch/wald/14136/16137/16224/index.html?lang=fr
------- Distribution map (2015).

* NPPO of Switzerland (2009-05, 2011-08).
Situation in neighbouring countries
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