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Dracaena draco(DRNDR)

Code created in: 2001-10-21

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DRNDR
  • Preferred name: Dracaena draco
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Linnaeus


Macaronesia (Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Madeira), Morocco. Much planted as an iconic ornamental within and beyond its former range in the western Mediterranean region,  but original native populations are much depleted 

Common names
Name Language
Canary Islands dragon tree English
dragon's blood English
dragon tree English
Drachenbaum German
Drachenblutbaum German
kanarischer Drachenbaum German
dragonnier des Canaries French
drago Spanish
drago de Canarias Spanish
albero del drago Italian
dragone delle Canarie Italian
palma sangue di drago Italian
drakenbloedboom Dutch
dragoeiro Portuguese
dragoeiro-da-Madeira Portuguese
dragoeiro-das-Canárias Portuguese
drakblodsträd Swedish
драконово дерево Russian
драцена драконовая Russian
drageblodstræ Danish
dracena smocza Polish
drzewo smocze Polish
smokowiec Polish