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Diospyros virginiana(DOSVI)

Code created in: 2001-10-21

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DOSVI
  • Preferred name: Diospyros virginiana
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Eastern and southern USA. Cultivated for its edible fruits, existing now in many cultivars
WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
American persimmon English
common persimmon English
eastern persimmon English (US)
wild persimmon English (US)
virginischer Dattelpflaumenbaum German
virginischer Persimonenbaum German
plaqueminier de Virginie French
caqui americano Spanish
caqui de Virginia Spanish
caqui silvestre Spanish
diospiro di Virginia Italian
loto americano Italian
Virginiaanse dadelpruim Dutch
caqui-americano Portuguese
diospireiro-da-Virgínia Portuguese
dióspiro-americano Portuguese
amerikansk persimon Swedish
хурма американская Russian
хурма виргинская Russian
виргинианска хурма Bulgarian
хурма віргінська Ukrainian