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Diospyros lotus(DOSLO)

Code created in: 2002-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DOSLO
  • Preferred name: Diospyros lotus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Black Sea to Western Asia, Himalayas, China and Korea. Cultivated for its edible fruits (date plums, usually dried) and as a rootstock for other Diospyros spp. Introduced in Japan

Common names
Name Language
Caucasian persimmon English
date plum English
gemeiner Dattelpflaumenbaum German
Lotuspflaume German
Lotuspflaumenbaum German
plaqueminier d'Europe French
plaqueminier du Japon French
plaqueminier du Levant French
plaqueminier faux-lotier French
plaqueminier faux-lotier French
plaqueminier lotier French
prunier dattier French
árbol de San Andrés Spanish
guayacán africano Spanish
lodoñero Spanish
palo santo Spanish
albero di Sant'Andrea Italian
guaiaco falso Italian
legno santo Italian
loto falso Italian
dadelpruim Dutch
Indiaanse basterdlotus Dutch
árvore-de-são-andré Portuguese
ébano-verde Portuguese
guiaca Portuguese
guiacana Portuguese
dadelplommon Swedish
mamegaki Japanese
マメガキ Japanese
хурма кавказская Russian
hırnık Turkish
hurmë Albanian
обикновена хурма Bulgarian
jūn qiān zǐ Chinese
君迁子 Chinese
고욤나무 Korean
go yom na mu Korean
драгун Serbian
хурма кавказька Ukrainian