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Dorstenia psilurus(DOJPS)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DOJPS
  • Preferred name: Dorstenia psilurus
  • Authority: Welwitsch


Tropical Africa (Nigeria and Sudan to Angola and Mozambique). Cultivated as an ornamental

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Dorstenia bicornis Schweinfurth
Dorstenia gilletii de Wildeman
Dorstenia klainei Heckel
Dorstenia lukafuensis de Wildeman
Dorstenia massonii Bureau
Dorstenia psiluroides Engler
Dorstenia psiluroides fa. subintegra Engler
Dorstenia psilurus fa. subintegrifolia de Wildeman
Dorstenia psilurus var. brevicaudata Rendle
Dorstenia psilurus var. scabra Bureau
Dorstenia scabra (Bureau) Engler
Dorstenia scabra var. denticulata Engler
Dorstenia scabra var. longicaudata Engler
Dorstenia scabra var. subintegrifolia (de Wildeman) Rendle
Dorstenia stolzii Engler
Dorstenia tenuifolia Engler

Common names
Name Language
common dorstenia English