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Diplodia sapinea(DIPDPI)

Code created in: 2002-03-11

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Diplodia sapinea
  • Authority: (Fries) Fuckel

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Botryodiplodia pinea (Desmazières) Petrák
Diplodia conigena Desmazières
Diplodia pinastri Grove
Diplodia pinea (Desmazières) J.Kickx
Macrophoma pinea (Desmazières) Petrák & Sydow
Phoma pinastri Léveillé
Sphaeria pinea Desmazières
Sphaeropsis ellisii Saccardo
Sphaeropsis pinastri Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeropsis sapinea (Fries) Dyko & Sutton

Common names
Name Language
dieback of pine English
shoot blight of conifers English
shoot dieback of conifers English
tip blight of conifers English
twig blight of conifers English
whorl canker of pine English
Diplodia-Triebsterben German
Triebspitzenkrankheit: Kiefer German
dépérissement des pousses du pin French
marchitez de los brotes del pino Spanish