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Stenocarpella macrospora(DIPDMC)

Last modification: 2002-11-02

Basic information
  • EPPO code: DIPDMC
  • Preferred name: Stenocarpella macrospora
  • Authority: (Earle) Sutton

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Diplodia macrospora Earle
Macrodiplodia macrospora (Earle) von Höhnel
Macrodiplodia zeae var. macrospora (Earle) Petrák & Sydow
Stenocarpella zeae Sydow & P.Sydow

Common names
Name Language
dry rot of ears and stalks of maize English
dry rot of maize English
leaf striping of maize English
pourriture sèche du maïs French
podredumbre seca del maíz Spanish
Диплодиоз кукурузы Russian