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Dianthus balbisii(DINBL)

Code created in: 2014-11-29

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DINBL
  • Preferred name: Dianthus balbisii
  • Authority: Seringe


France (southeast) and Italy (northwest) has subsp. balbisii, while subsp. liburnicus occurs around the Adriatic. There is some disagreement on the names to be given to these plants and whether or not they should be treated as distinct taxa

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Dianthus balbisii subsp. balbisii Seringe
Dianthus balbisii subsp. liburnicus (Bartlett) Pignatti
Dianthus ferrugineus Miller
Dianthus ferrugineus subsp. liburnicus (Bartlett) Tutin
Dianthus liburnicus Godron & Grenier

Common names
Name Language
illyrische Nelke German
oeillet de Balbis French
oeillet de Croatie French
oeillet ferrugineux French
garofano di Balbis Italian
garofano giallognolo Italian
karafil Albanian
garoful  Croatian
liburnijski klinček Slovene