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Diaporthe eres(DIAPER)

Code created in: 2001-02-21

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Diaporthe eres
  • Authority: Nitschke

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Diaporthe conorum (Desmazières) Niessl
Diaporthe controversa (Desmazières) Nitschke
Diaporthe occulta (Fuckel) Nitschke
Phoma conorum Saccardo
Phoma controversa (Saccardo) Traverso
Phoma oblonga (Desmazières) von Höhnel
Phoma occulta (Saccardo) Traverso
Phomopsis conorum (Saccardo) Diedicke
Phomopsis controversa (Saccardo) Traverso
Phomopsis oblonga (Desmazières) Traverso
Phomopsis occulta (Saccardo) Traverso
Sphaeria conorum Desmazières
Sphaeria controversa Desmazières
Valsa occulta Fuckel

Common names
Name Language
bark canker of pome fruit English
dieback of conifers English
dieback of fruit trees English
phyllostictosis: apple English
rough bark of apple English
storage rot of apple English
chancre de l'écorce des arbres fruitiers French
chancre du pommier French
chancro de la corteza de los frutales Spanish
quemadura fomopsiana del peral Spanish