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Desmostachya bipinnata(DETBI)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DETBI
  • Preferred name: Desmostachya bipinnata
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Stapf


Southern Mediterranean, western Asia, Indian subcontinent, Indochina, Sahel to Sudan and Tanzania. Introduced in Malesia

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Desmostachya cynosuroides (Retzius) Massey
Eragrostis bipinnata (Linnaeus) Muschler
Eragrostis cynosuroides (Retzius) Palisot de Beauvois
Leptochloa bipinnata (Linnaeus) Hochstetter
Stapfiola bipinnata (Linnaeus) Kuntze

Common names
Name Language
chilaf hacholot Hebrew
חִילַף הַחוֹלוֹת Hebrew