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Brugmansia x candida(DATCA)

Code created in: 2001-10-21

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: DATCA
  • Preferred name: Brugmansia x candida
  • Authority: Persoon


Colombia, Ecuador. A naturally occurring hybrid between Brugmansia aurea and B. versicolor, cultivated as an ornamental and readily invading gardens and cultivated areas as well as natural environments. B. candida is highly toxic. Introduced in Sri Lanka, Malesia, western Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Peru

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Brugmansia aurea x B. versicolor
Brugmansia candida Persoon
Datura candida (Persoon) Stapf
Datura x candida (Persoon) Stapf

Common names
Name Language
moonflower English
tree datura English
white angel's trumpet English
weißer Stechapfel German
trompette blanche des anges French
borrachero buyes Spanish (HN)
floripondio Spanish
reina de la noche Spanish
trompetero Spanish
stramonio candido Italian
doornappel Dutch
engelentrompet Dutch
anaguas-de-vénus Portuguese
dama-da-noite Portuguese
maikoa Portuguese
änglatrumpeter Swedish
burugumanshia Japanese
ブルグマンシア Japanese
бругмансия древесная Russian
бругмансия древовидная Russian