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Dahlia pinnata(DAHPI)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: DAHPI
  • Preferred name: Dahlia pinnata
  • Authority: Cavanilles


Mexico. Widely cultivated as a garden ornamental, in the form of numerous cultivars and hybrids (usually with D. coccinea). The original D. pinnata is not known with certainty in the wild

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Dahlia variabilis (Willdenow) Desfontaines

Common names
Name Language
jiřina zahradní Czech
Dahlie German
Gartengeorgine German
Georgine German
verschiedenfarbige Dahlie German
dahlia English
garden dahlia English
dalia Spanish
dahlia des jardins French
boćka Croatian
dália Hungarian
dalia Italian
georgina Italian
georgina pruinosa Italian
ダリア Japanese
テンジクボタン Japanese
daria Japanese
tenjikubotan Japanese
dalia zmienna Polish
dália Portuguese
dália vulgar Portuguese
dalie Romanian
gherghine Romanian
георгина перистая Russian
георгин перистый Russian
georgína premenlivá Slovak
георгина Serbian