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Zeugodacus cucurbitae(DACUCU)

Distribution details in Japan (Ryukyu Archipelago)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2016: Absent, pest eradicated
Occasional outbreaks have been detected but subsequently eradicated.
* Anon. (1987) Okinawa Prefectural Fruit fly Eradication Project Office, Naha, Japan, 28 pp.
------- Eradicated from the Miyako Islands in 1987.

* Iwahashi, O. (1977) Researches on Population Ecology 19 (1), 87-98.
------- Eradicated from Kume Island.

* IPPC website. Official Pest Reports – Japan (JPN-04/5 of 2016-08-17) Eradication of Bactrocera dorsalis species complex (Oriental fruit flies) in Amami Oshima Island, Japan. https://www.ippc.int/en/countries/japan/pestreports/2016/08/eradication-of-bactrocera-dorsalis-species-complex-oriental-fruit-flies-in-amami-oshima-island-japan/
------- Eradicated from Amami Oshima Island (detected in September 2015 - declared eradicated in August 2016).

* Iwaizumi, R.; Sawaki, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Maeda, C.; Toyokawa, Z.; Ito, M.; Kawakami, T.; Matsui, M. (1991) Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service, Japan No. 27, 75-78.

* Sonda, M. (1972) Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service Japan No. 10, 28-32.