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Cosentinia vellea(CZNVE)

Code created in: 2008-04-09

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CZNVE
  • Preferred name: Cosentinia vellea
  • Authority: (Aiton) Todaro


Mediterranean, Central Asia (Turkmenistan), Western Asia (Arabia to Pakistan), Himalayas, Tchad to Somalia

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cheilanthes catanensis (Cosentini) Fuchs
Cheilanthes vellea (Aiton) Domin
Notholaena lanuginosa Poiret
Notholaena vellea (Aiton) Desvaux

Common names
Name Language
cheilanthès laineux French
cheilanthès laineux French
cosentinia velu French
nothochléna voilé French
doradilla serrana Spanish
doradilla vellosa Spanish
doradilla vellosa Spanish
felcetta catanese Italian
bozeğrelti Turkish
sherachrach hassela'im Hebrew
שְׁרַכְרַךְ הַסְּלָעִים Hebrew