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Cyclamen persicum(CYZPE)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CYZPE
  • Preferred name: Cyclamen persicum
  • Authority: Miller


Mediterranean (southwest, Greece to Israel, including Crete and Cyprus). Despite its name, not in Iran. Widely cultivated as an ornamental pot plant. Introduced in Italy

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cyclamen vernale Miller

Common names
Name Language
florist's cyclamen English
ivy-leaved cyclamen English
persisches Alpenveilchen German
cyclamen de Perse French
violette de Perse French
pan de puerco Spanish
ciclame-da-pérsia Portuguese
butanomanju Japanese
kagaribipana Japanese
shikuramen Japanese
カガリビパナ Japanese
シクラメン Japanese
ブタノマンジュウ Japanese
alayaprak Turkish
rakkefet metzuyah Hebrew
רַקֶּפֶת מְצוּיָה Hebrew
ciclamen de Pèrsia Catalan