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Cyperus papyrus(CYPPA)

Last modification: 2002-04-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CYPPA
  • Preferred name: Cyperus papyrus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Most of Africa (except northwest), Madagascar. Used in ancient times to make papyrus, and cultivated in the Mediterranean area generally for that purpose. Now persists there as an ornamental water plant. Introduced in southeast Asia, USA and Caribbean

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cyperus antiquorum (Willdenow) Chiovenda
Papyrus antiquorum Willdenow

Common names
Name Language
paper reed English
papyrus English
Papyrusstaude German
Papyruszypergras German
jonc du Nil French
papyrus French
souchet à papier French
papiro Spanish
giunco del Nilo Italian
papiro Italian
papirus Dutch
papiro Portuguese
papyrussäv Swedish
パピルス Japanese
カミガヤツリ Japanese
kamigayatsuri Japanese
papirusu Japanese
папирус Russian
сыть папирусная Russian
cibora papirusowa Polish
papirusz Hungarian
papirus Croatian
šáchor papírodárný Czech
κύπειρος πάπυρος Greek