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Hesperocyparis lusitanica(CVBLU)

Code created in: 2003-05-04

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CVBLU
  • Preferred name: Hesperocyparis lusitanica
  • Authority: (Miller) Bartel


Mexico to Honduras. Widely cultivated as an ornamental and timber tree. Introduced from Mexico to the Far East by the Spanish, then to Goa by the Portuguese, and finally to Portugal, from which it derives its name. 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cupressus glauca Lamarck
Cupressus lusitanica Miller

Common names
Name Language
cedar of Goa English
Mexican cypress English
Portuguese cypress English
blaugrüne Zypresse German
Goa-Zypresse German
mexikanische Zypresse German
cyprès de Goa French
cyprès de Lusitanie French
cyprès du Mexique French
cyprès du Portugal French
cedro de Busaco Spanish
ciprés de Portugal Spanish
ciprés lusitánico Spanish
cipresso del Portogallo Italian
cipresso messicano Italian
Mexicaanse cipres Dutch
cedro-de-goa Portuguese
cedro-do-buçaco Portuguese
cipreste-do-buçaco Portuguese
mexikansk cypress Swedish
кипарис лузитанский Russian
кипарис мексиканский Russian
Portugaleko nekosta Basque
Portugaleko nekosta Basque
xiprer de Mèxic Catalan
xiprer de Portugal Catalan
mò xī gē bǎi mù Chinese
墨西哥柏木 Chinese
кипарис лузитанський Ukrainian