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Cotoneaster salicifolius(CTTSA)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CTTSA
  • Preferred name: Cotoneaster salicifolius
  • Authority: Franchet


Western China. Cultivated as an ornamental and naturalized at least in Britain, France and Ireland

Common names
Name Language
willow-leaf cotoneaster English
willow-leaved cotoneaster English
immergrüne Zwergmispel German
weidenblättrige Steinmispel German
weidenblättrige Zwergmispel German
Weidenzwergmispel German
cotonéaster à feuilles de saule French
griñolera de hojas de sauce Spanish
cotognastro con foglie di salice Italian
cotognastro salicino Italian
кизильник иволистный Russian
irga wierzbolistna Polish
liǔ yè xún zǐ Chinese
柳叶栒子 Chinese