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Cotoneaster integerrimus(CTTIT)

Code created in: 2002-04-08

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CTTIT
  • Preferred name: Cotoneaster integerrimus
  • Authority: Medicus


Mountains of Europe, Central Asia, Himalayas, China (northern), Korea. The species has also been interpreted narrowly to concern only the Nordic and Baltic populations (which are also known as C. scandinavicus). In that case, the populations in other European countries would find their place in newly defined species (for example, C. juranus, C. obtusisepalus and C. pyrenaicus, in France). 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cotoneaster scandinavicus Hylmö
Cotoneaster vulgaris Lindley
Mespilus cotoneaster Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
European cotoneaster English (US)
wild cotoneaster English
Bergmispel German
echte Steinmispel German
echte Zwergmispel German
Felsenzwergmispel German
gemeine Zwergmispel German
gewöhnliche Steinmispel German
gewöhnliche Zwergmispel German
amelanchier velu French
cotonéaster à feuilles entières French
cotonéaster commun French
cotonéaster sauvage French
cotonéastre commun French
néflier cotonneux French
néflier de Gesner French
bellomera Spanish
billomo Spanish
cotonastro Spanish
cotoneaster común Spanish
cotoneastre Spanish
falso membrillo Spanish
griñolera Spanish
guillomo Spanish
membrillo falso Spanish
níspero silvestre Spanish
cotognastro a foglie intere Italian
cotognastro minore Italian
bloedrode dwergmispel Dutch
wilde dwergmispel Dutch
tyskt oxbär Swedish
кизильник обыкновенный Russian
кизильник цельнокрайний Russian
rød dværgmispel Danish
dvergmispel Norwegian
kalliotuhkapensas Finnish
garagat Turkish
irga pospolita Polish
irga zwyczajna Polish
piros madárbirs Hungarian
borbull Albanian
kotoneaster Basque
целокрайнолистен котонеастер Bulgarian
cornera Catalan
cornera vulgar Catalan
quán yuán xún zǐ Chinese
全缘栒子 Chinese
obična dunjarica Croatian
skalník celokrajný Czech
harilik tuhkpuu Estonian
개야광나무 Korean
둥근잎야광나무 Korean
dung geun ip ya gwang na mu Korean
gae ya gwang na mu Korean
gludmalu klintene Latvian
bărcoace Romanian
skalník obyčajný Slovak
navadna panešplja Slovene
кизильник цілокраїй Ukrainian