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Cystopteris dickieana(CTPDI)

Code created in: 2014-10-25

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CTPDI
  • Preferred name: Cystopteris dickieana
  • Authority: Sim


Western and northern Europe, Greece, Turkey, China, Himalaya. Some authors consider that this species is only a minor variant of C. fragilis (q.v.)

Common names
Name Language
Dickie's bladder fern English
Dickie's fern English
Dickies Blasenfarn German
cystoptéris de Dickie French
felcetta dickieana Italian
felcetta di Dickie Italian
fieitos Portuguese
пузырник Дайка Russian
zhòu bāo lěng jué Chinese
皱孢冷蕨 Chinese
puchýřník hladký Czech
pluzgiernik hladkospórový Slovak