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Chrozophora obliqua(CRZOB)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CRZOB
  • Preferred name: Chrozophora obliqua
  • Authority: (Vahl) Sprengel


Considered synonymous with C. tinctoria by recent authors. Occurs in a subset of countries within the range of C. tinctoria

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Chrozophora oblongifolia (Delile) Sprengel
Chrozophora tinctoria var. verbascifolia (Willdenow) J.Müller
Chrozophora verbascifolia (Willdenow) Sprengel
Croton obliquum Vahl
Croton oblongifolius Delile

Common names
Name Language
woolly turnasole English
weißfilziges Lackmuskraut German
giradol Spanish
heliotropo menor Spanish
tornasol Spanish
хрозофора косая Russian
leshishit habbutzin Hebrew
לְשִׁישִׁית הַבּוּצִין Hebrew