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Cryptodiaporthe populea(CRYDPO)

Code created in: 2002-02-06

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Cryptodiaporthe populea
  • Authority: (Saccardo) Butin

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Chondroplea populea (Saccardo) Klebahn
Diaporthe populea Saccardo
Discosporium populeum Sutton
Dothichiza populea Saccardo & Briard
Phoma populea Saccardo

Common names
Name Language
canker of poplar English
dieback of poplar English
European canker of poplar English
Braunfleckengrind: Pappel German
Rindenbrand: Pappel German
Rindentod: Pappel German
chancre européen du peuplier French
dothichiza du peuplier French
chancro europeo del chopo Spanish
dotichiza del chopo Spanish
рак стволов тополя Russian