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Chorisia speciosa(CRKSP)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CRKSP
  • Preferred name: Chorisia speciosa
  • Authority: St-Hilaire


South America (except northwest, Chile, eastern Argentina). Widely cultivated as an ornamental tree, with uses similar to those of C. pentandra (q.v.). Introduced in India, eastern Africa

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ceiba speciosa (St-Hilaire) Ravenna

Common names
Name Language
chorisia English
floss-silk tree English
silk floss tree English
brasilianischer Florettseidenbaum German
Chorisie German
Wollbaum German
chorisie French
ceiba del Brasil Spanish
palo borracho Spanish
palo borracho rosado Spanish
palo rosado Spanish
samohu Spanish
barriguda Portuguese (BR)
mamica-de-cadela Portuguese (BR)
paineira Portuguese (BR)
paineira-rosa Portuguese