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Capsicum frutescens(CPSFR)

Code created in: 2004-04-19

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CPSFR
  • Preferred name: Capsicum frutescens
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Bolivia, Brazil, then introduced worldwide in  historic times. Cultivated as a spice plant. C. frutescens traditionally refers to the "hot" small-fruited form used to produce the spice, while C. annuum (q.v.) refers to plants producing larger mild fruits consumed as a vegetable. Modern authors often refer all forms to C. annuum

Common names
Name Language
bird chilli English
bird pepper English
bird's eye chilli English
Cayenne pepper English
chilli English
chilli pepper English
hot pepper English
Cayenne-Pfeffer German
Chillipfeffer German
Vogelpfeffer German
Ziegenpfeffer German
piment de Cayenne French
piment d'oiseau French
piment enragé French
ají de perro Spanish
chile Spanish (HN)
guidilla Spanish
pepe d'uccelo Italian
peperone d'India Italian
peperone rabbioso Italian
gindungo Portuguese (AO)
malagueta Portuguese
pimenta-encarnada Portuguese
pimentão Portuguese
pimenteiro Portuguese
pimenteiro-de-Caiena Portuguese
pimento Portuguese
piri-piri Portuguese
кайенский перец Russian
чили Russian
čili Croatian
laal mirch Hindi
mirch Hindi
मिर्च Hindi
लाल मिर्च Hindi
cili padi Indonesian