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Capparis spinosa(CPPSP)

Last modification: 2002-02-08

Basic information
  • EPPO code: CPPSP
  • Preferred name: Capparis spinosa
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Area of origin not certainly known. Probably derived from C. spinosa subsp. rupestris (q.v.). Widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region, and in western Asia, for its flower buds (capers) which are used as a culinary flavouring. Also now cultivated in other parts of the world (tropical Africa, Australia).  Capers are also harvested from other, wild-growing, Capparis spp. (q.v.), whose geographical range is clearly known.  

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Capparis ovata Desfontaines
Capparis spinosa subsp. spinosa Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
afsas Arabic
amsilikh Arabic
kebbar Arabic
taylulut Arabic
taparer Catalan
taparer Catalan
taparossa Catalan
tapenera Catalan
tapenote Catalan
tàpera Catalan
taperera Catalan
taperera, taparer, tapenera, trapera Catalan
taperera, taparer, tapenera, trapera Catalan
taperote Catalan
tàpina Catalan
trapera Catalan
dorniger Kapernstrauch German
gemeiner Kapernstrauch German
Kaper German
κάππαρη Greek
caper English
common caper bush English
alcaparrera Spanish
alcaparro común Spanish
alcaparro de Europa Spanish
alcaparronero Spanish
meloncillo Spanish
tapenera Spanish
alkaparra Basque
câprier commun French
câprier épineux French
trnoviti kapar Croatian
cappero comune Italian
gewone kapperstruik Dutch
gewoone kapperstruik Dutch
alcaparra Portuguese
alcaparreira-comum Portuguese
каперсы колючие Russian
каперцы Russian
kaprica Slovak
navadni kaprovec Slovene
kaparinë Albanian
vanlig kapris Swedish
kebere Turkish