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Coniella diplodiella(CONLDI)

Code created in: 2002-04-10

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Coniella diplodiella
  • Authority: (Spegazzini) Petrák & Sydow

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Charrinia diplodiella Viala & Ravaz
Coniothyrium diplodiella (Spegazzini) Saccardo
Phoma diplodiella Spegazzini
Pilidiella diplodiella (Spegazzini) Crous & J. M. van Niekerk

Common names
Name Language
anthracnose of grapevine English
white rot of grapevine English
Fleckennekrose: Weinrebe German
Weißfäule: Weintraube German
coître de la vigne French
grêle de la vigne French
pourriture blanche de la vigne French
rot blanc de la vigne French
rot livide de la vigne French
podredumbre blanca de la vid Spanish
podredumbre del granizo Spanish