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Coffea canephora(COFCA)

Last modification: 2001-10-07

Basic information
  • EPPO code: COFCA
  • Preferred name: Coffea canephora
  • Authority: Fröhner


Lowland East and Central Africa. Robusta coffee is of lower quality than arabica, and is the species mainly used for making instant coffee powder

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Coffea robusta Linden

Common names
Name Language
кафе робуста Bulgarian
Kongo-Kaffeestrauch German
Robusta-Kaffeestrauch German
robusta coffee English
café robusta Spanish
caféier robusta French
caffè robusta Italian
robusta koffie Dutch
kawa kongijska Polish
café-robusta Portuguese
кофе конголезский Russian
кофе робуста Russian
robustakaffe Swedish