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Canavalia gladiata(CNAGL)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CNAGL
  • Preferred name: Canavalia gladiata
  • Authority: (Jacquin) de Candolle


Himalayas, India, Bangladesh, Indochina, China (including Taiwan), Japan. Cultivated as a vegetable. Introduced in Malesia, Korea, central Africa to Mozambique and South Africa, Madagascar, USA, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina), New Guinea, Australia (Queensland)

Common names
Name Language
horse bean English
sword bean English (AU)
Schwertbohne German
pois sabre rouge French
frijol de playa Spanish (ES)
haba de burro Spanish
feijoeiro-espada Portuguese
sahebsim Bengali
dāo dòu Chinese
刀豆 Chinese
줄작두콩 Korean
jul jak du kong Korean