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Genista sagittalis subsp. delphinensis(CMVSD)

Code created in: 2013-12-28

This code has been deactivated and replaced by GENDE

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CMVSD
  • Preferred name: Genista sagittalis subsp. delphinensis
  • Authority: (Verlot) Greuter


duplicate of GENDE

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Chamaespartium delphinense (Verlot) Gibbs
Chamaespartium sagittale subsp. delphinense (Verlot) Gibbs
Genista delphinensis Verlot
Genistella refracta (Bravais) Breistroffer
Genistella sagittalis subsp. delphinensis (Verlot) Nyman

Common names
Name Language
Dauphiné-Ginster German
genêt du Dauphiné French
ginestra del Delfinato Italian
дрок дельфийский Russian