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Citrus unshiu(CIDUN)

Code created in: 1998-05-31

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: CIDUN
  • Preferred name: Citrus unshiu
  • Authority: Markowicz


Japan. Cultivated for its fruits, especially in eastern Asia. Some authors include this species within C. reticulata (q.v.). In any case, the name C. unshiu principally applies to cultivars developed in cultivation in eastern Asia and their fruits in international trade

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Citrus nobilis var. unshiu Swingle
Citrus reticulata var. unshiu Swingle

Common names
Name Language
Christmas orange English
cold-hardy mandarin English
satsuma English
satsuma mandarin English
satsuma orange English
Satsumabaum German
Satsumamandarinenbaum German
mandarinier japonais French
mandarinier satsuma French
mandarina satsuma Spanish
mikan Spanish
unshu Spanish
miyagawa Italian
satsuma Dutch
laranjeira-de-Satsuma Portuguese
mikan Portuguese
satsuma Swedish
mikan Japanese
owari-satsuma Japanese
unshu-mikan Japanese
ウンシュミカン Japanese
オワリサツマ Japanese
ミカン Japanese
мандарин уншиу Russian
satsuma Danish
mandarynka satsuma Polish
gān jú Chinese
柑橘 Chinese
мандарин Ukrainian